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Thank you for your interest in Kansa Wellness tools.


The Kansa wands I provide are made from the Purest, best quality Bronze and are of food grade.


I have tried numerous suppliers and have finally found Authentic Kansa wands which I now source from India's Premier Manufacturer's, a perfect blend of ingredients. Copper, Tin & Zinc. 

I have seen a significant change in my clients stress levels and also my own with the added benefit of improved skin tone, I have also have numerous compliments how great my skin looks.

After a lot of research,  I found that the metals have been used back to Ancient Egyptian times and also recommended in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the most oldest and sophisticated system that works on the mind and body systems. Ayurveda is thousands of years old and is based on good health. Ayurveda believes in strengthening the immune system and nervous system by looking at lifestyle changes eg. diet, yoga, meditation and massage. 


Kansa metal also known as Bronze is known also as the 'Healing metal'. When used on the skin it helps to relieve stress in the muscles, helping to draw out toxins and also calming for the mind.


The metals help to recharge the nervous energy, working by releasing energy into the body. This raises the potential of energy and at the same time calms and relaxes the whole Mind, Body & Spirit. By relaxing the body systems, we open up our Heart Centre, a feeling of love, kindness and peace, finally find out out who we truly are. The bronze provides an energetic shield with harmonised energetic streams allowing for better co-ordination of mental & physical energy. Creating an energetic cocoon around your body, rebalancing the structure of the body. This creates your inner light to shine outwardly which helps to create a better YOU.


An added bonus of using the wands on the skin is that fine lines may become less noticeable and your skin tone will be improved due to the boost in your circulation - (a natural face lift).

My clients have commented that after a Kansa Shining Light treatment compared to any other relaxation therapy that the effects are longer lasting eg. helping you to sleep better and for longer.


I now supply the Kansa Wellness tools throughout the UK & Europe, purchase online now by clicking the Online Shop tab above. You will also find a variety of Natural/Organic products to purchase alongside your Kansa wands. 

An Accredited Kansa Shine the Light Sensory Experience Course, which incorporates the use of the Kansa Wands for the Face and Body. Take a look at the Kansa Training tab above. 

I am based in Derbyshire and also offer Holistic Therapies which include Crystal Facials, Massage, Cosmic Soul Energy Therapy, as well as Kansa Shining Light facials, Back therapy, Foot and leg treatment and includes the scalp, neck and shoulders. New to the therapy list is a Kansa Shining light eye treatment.

There are 4 Kansa wellness tools available for home use or Salon use - more information is available in the following pages with detailed descriptions and how to use them.


The Kansa products are very easy to use, gentle gliding movements on the face, body and feet. Rub it gently over the surfaces you would like to focus on and see light, energy, and wellness radiate.


Here are just a few of the benefits from using these wonderful therapeutic products.

  • No electrical wires

  • No batteries required

  • Easy to use and ideal for any age 

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Improves digestion and gastric problems

  • Relaxes tired feet

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation due to massaging.

  • Enhanced lower limb mobility

  • Restores levels of energy

  • May Improve skin tone to the face (massaging with the wand improves the circulation to the area). 

My personal objective is to help people live happy lives, to help you feel more energised and in perfect balance, whilst keeping your mind calm. I now use Kansa products every day and have found them to be extremely beneficial to my health and well-being. You can read how I came across these amazing products and why they are important to me and my health in the ‘About me’ section. 


Kansa products are available for consumers to purchase direct from the shop tab above and if you are a Therapist/Salon/Spa and would like to purchase stock for your business please get in touch for discounted prices and also information on the 1 day Accredited training course that I run.

If you would like further advice and information on how to order your Kansa Wellness Tool email or call 07743879336


Please note that the Kansa Wellbeing Tools are shipped from the UK.

​I hope you enjoy this website and experience all the wonderful benefits from Kansa wands that I have discovered. 

Happy Kansa blessings  Hayley x

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