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    Sophie Joseph

    Essential Blends


    Email: sophie@essentialblends.co.uk


    Instagram: essentialblendshincare


    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Facials

    Aromatherapy Kansa full body massage

    Back treatment with mask & scrub 

    Kansa foot reflexology

    Sophie's Bio:


    Holistic Star

    Wendy Hessel-Richardson

    Email: holisticstarwendy@gmail.com

    Phone: 07702 809606

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Facial


    30 mins - cleanse/tone/wand therapy to face, neck & shoulders/moisturise.

    45 mins - plus exfoliation/mask/wand therapy to scalp, hands & arm)

    Kansa Back Treatment - 45mins

    includes exfoliation/mask/wand therapy to back, neck & shoulders

    Luxury Kansa Wand treatment

    includes all of the above plus bio-energy/reiki energy therapy - 90 mins

    Wendy's Bio: 

    "I am passionate about taking a natural approach towards health and well-being, hence my attraction to the amazing Kansa Wands.
    Other therapeutic treatments I offer include:

    Bio-Energy, Kinesiology, Nia Holistic Fitness. I am also a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and include the gorgeous Naturally Derived products in my Kansa Wand treatments" 


    Pure Honest Beauty/Kansa Wand Distributor/

    Accredited Trainer


    Name: Hayley Bell

    Website: www.kansawands.co.uk

    Email: info.kansawands@gmail.com

    Phone: 0774 387 9336

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Shining Light Therapy for the Back

    Kansa Shining Light Full Body massage

    Kansa Shining Light Deluxe Treatment (Face & Back)

    Kansa Shining Light Facial (30 mins & 60 mins)

    Kansa Stars in your Eyes (Eye treatment) 

    Kansa Shining Light Grounding Massage (Lower leg & feet)

    Crystal Therapy


    Book Treatments online https://www.fresha.com/shine-the-light-c7uglr99


    Karma Therapies Ltd


    Name: Bronia Sandell


    Website:  www.karma-therapies.co.uk

    Email: broniasandell@btinternet.com

    Phone: 01472 291000

    Treatments offered: 

    Kansa Shining Light Facial

    Kansa Shining Light Back & Scalp massage

    Kansa Shining Light Grounding Massage (lower legs & feet) 


    Christine Cartledge Reflexology


    Email: raceesma@gmail.com

    Phone: 07786 650551

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Shining Light Facial massage

    Reflexology incorporating the Kansa Wand on Feet & legs

    Indian Head massage incorporating the Kansa Wand to upper back, shoulders, arms & scalp.

    Thai Foot Massage incorporating the Kansa Wand.

    Christine's Bio:

    I have been practising:

    Reflexology since 1997

    Indian Head massage since 2000

    Thai Foot massage since 2012

    Member of the AoR and ART (Regd) and the IIHHT


    T A M W O R T H

    Nickie Sebright

    Nickie Sebright Wellbeing MGHT

    Email: nickiesebrightwellbeing@gmail.com

    Phone: 07592716367

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Shining Light Facial

    Kansa Shining Light Back Therapy

    Kansa Shining Light Foot & leg therapy

    Kansa Shining Light Deluxe 


    Access Bars

    Indian Head Massage

    Meditation Teacher 


    Nickie has a passion for helping others to relax.


    She works from her Wellbeing hut a beautiful natural wooden Summerhouse in her beautiful garden in Tamworth, a very inviting and  peaceful space.  

    She offers a range of therapies as above. Contact her for more information.


    You in Mind (Holistic Therapies & Training


    Name: Diane Rixom

    Website: www.you-in-mind.co.uk


    Email:  diane@you-in-mind.co.uk

    Phone:  07914 902141

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Shining Light Facial 

    Kansa Shining Light Back massage

    Kansa Shining Light Foot Treatment

    Diane's Bio:

    I have been a Holistic Therapist since 2005, have been delivering Solace Academy training courses since 2014 and have been based at Maws Craft Centre in Jackfield since 2008.



    The Healing Tree

    Name: Pat Griffiths



    Email:  reikiwitch@hotmail.co.uk

    Phone:  07926093343

    Treatments offered:

    Kansa Shining Light Relaxation Therapy for the Back

    Kansa Shining Light Relaxation - Full Body Therapy

    Kansa Shining Light Facial (30 mins & 60 mins)


    Aromatherapy back or full body massage

    Hot stone back or full body

    Combination treatments incorporating Kansa Wands, Hot stones & Aromatherapy massage

    Baby Massage

    Pat's Bio: