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  • Now there is finally a narrow version of our coveted magnetic bracelet in a modern cube design.

    + Puristic, modern cube design
    + High wearing comfort, flexible workmanship
    + Fits even if the joints are swollen a little bit

    The innumerable small, highly polished squares are slightly bevelled at the edges, creating light reflections that almost magically attract the eye.

    The flexible production of the magnetic bracelet ensures a high wearing comfort. The bracelet is simply put on and always fits. Even if the wrist is a little swollen, for example after work or in very warm weather.

    The flexible magnetic bracelet made of high-quality stainless steel is also ideal for people with particularly delicate skin. The two powerful neodymium magnets are discreetly integrated into the inside of the bracelet.


    Packaged in a blue magnetix pouch.


    Magnetic Jewellery:Flexible bracelets, Magnetic bracelet
    Bracelet inner circumference (mm):LARGE =17,5
    Width:6,5 mm
    Material:Stainless steel
    Surface:High gloss polished

    Flexi bracelet "Cube" silver coloured 6.5 mm wide

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