Melt away the day's worries & pressures.


A combination of 100% Pure Sardinian Red Clay, Himalayan salts & Colloidal Oats.


Himalayan Salts: promote better skin hydration, leaving skin softer, smoother & glowing.

Colloidal Oats: Hydrate the skin, even out skint one & texture, calming & gentle.



Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Colloidal Oats, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sardinian Red Clay




Available in two sizes: 250g and 500g


I am... Nourished Bath Blend & Body Scrub

  • To use as a body scrub: 

    Add 1 tbsp of Tropic Elixir oil or Tropic Body Oil with 1 tbsp of your Mineral Bath Blend, apply all over the body, especially drier areas such as heels, elbows & feet. Gently massage into your skin, rinse & pat dry.


    Relaxing Mineral Bath:

    Fill your bath with warm water and add 1 cup of your Mineral Blend, relax and enjoy the experience for 20 minutes. Add your favourite essential oil for additional relaxation.


    You can also use the Blend as a foot soak:

    To Relieve tired, achy feet. Thoroughly dry & apply I am... Fresh foot powder to finish.


    Please give yourself 20 minutes relaxation time after your bath, sipping water or herbal tea to rehydrate.