The Kansa Face & Body wand is a medium lightweight wand and can be used on the Face, body including the feet.


Don't forget your face/body oil and I am.. Clay mask / kansa wand cleaner, to revitalise your skin and to keep your Kansa Wand shiny and new.


Book your Skype How to.. massage routine to achieve the best possible results.


***Accredited Online Zoom Kansa Training is now available*** 

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Multi Purpose Face/Body Wand

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  • This is a medium sized Face/Body wand.


    Made from Pure Bronze - Copper, Tin and a trace of Zinc.


    Use on the face, neck, shoulders, scalp, decolletage or wherever you feel any tension.


    Benefits of the wand:

    Helps restful sleep,



    Feeling more alert

    Natural Facelift 

    Improves Skin tone