• A fine powder containing organic ground rose petals, clay powders and rice bran. When mixed with water becomes a gentle face scrub.


    A firm favourite for people wanting to refine and purify their skin with a completely natural and gentle product.


    A micro-exfoliant to clean pores and smooth the skin's surface, leaving a fresher more vibrant complexion.


    Bringing the spa experience into your own home! 


    Suitable for sensitive skin.


    Mix with your cleansing balm or add a little water to form a gentle face scrub paste. You can also leave on your skin as a mask for 5 minutes. Use as a scrub after your Kansa wand facial routine.


    ***Don't forget your Clarifying cleansing balm, Rejuvenating Facial serum and Luxury Facial Cream.***


    (Image bottom right in photo)


    Rose Supreme Exfoliating Powder - 60g