• Now that you have purchased your Kansa wand this Skype How to session will teach you how to get the most out of your product.


    Using the Personal face wand or Face/Body wand we will both go through a facial routine. This is a relaxed and fun way to achieve the best results.


    Here is what you will learn:

    How to use the wellbeing tool and what areas the wand can be used in

    Why does my skin turn grey

    How to make a Pure Honest Beauty I am... clay mask and also how to clean the wand.

    Q & A


    Looking forward to our Therapy session.


    Sessions are available during the day Tuesday-Friday 11am - 5pm


    ***Accredited Kansa Shining Light 1 day Training is available*** 

    email for more information info.kansawands@gmail.com




    • You will require a Kansa Personal Wand or Face/Body Wand


      Massage Oil


      Head Band


      Damp flannel or facial wipe




      Optional clay, bowl, jug with water


      Paper & Pen