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1:1 Kansa Treatment Session

Would you like to learn more about How to massage with your new Kansa tool? 

Skype sessions are a great way to learn how best to use your New Kansa Wand. 

If you're anything like me I have bought products in the past and after a few weeks they end up in a drawer, unused. That is why I wanted to start doing Skype Kansa Treatment Sessions.

What does the Kansa One-to-One Session include:

Setting an intention plus meditation

Full Scalp/Face/neck massage routine

Hints & tips on the best strokes to use

Movements around the eyes to reduce any puffiness 

how to aid headaches/migraines

how to stay calm and relaxed

natural face-lift movements

How to clean your wand:

We all also look the best way to effectively clean the wand with the Pure Honest I am Pure Clay Face/Body mask, which can also be used as a face mask or body mask. (This is available through my online store). It is very important to clean the wand as the oil does tend to form a sticky residue and is quite difficult to remove if left.

What items will you need:

Your chosen Kansa Face wand



Wipes or damp cloth

Clay to clean the wand and to apply as a face mask (if required) This can be purchased via the shop.

Pen and Paper - to make notes

Skype Sessions prices:

45 minutes - £40.00 - this includes all of the above

How to book your Skype Session:

You can purchase the Skype session through the online shop or email Email to arrange a suitable date

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