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How to use your Love Tuner

How do you Tune-In?

The Principle: try it yourself and discover what it can do… alone, with a friend, or in a group. Here are a few tips for individual practice and use:
•    Pull the Lovetuner out of the cap and place the side with the engraved C between your lips.
•    Blow into the “Lovetuner” gently (like on a whistle or flute) to create a smooth long note with a constant volume.

      (We recommend a soothing and quiet tone, rather than blowing hard to make a loud noise.)
•    You can make the note last as long as you like. Athletes have reported tunings of well over a minute per outbreath.
•    After exhaling, inhale through your nose allowing air to flow into the center of your body. Just leave the Lovetuner 

     between your lips as you inhale, and then exhale again with the next note.
•    Repeat as long as it feels good – we recommend at least 6 in and out breaths.
•    You can tune almost anywhere: at home, during office breaks, in the car, with friends, on your Yoga-Mat, in nature,  etc.

And after tuning?
After tuning why not enjoy the stillness for a moment? Then continue in your new “fully-tuned” state with whatever you were doing before.

To protect your Lovetuner, place it back in the cap with the C facing up.

Teaching Mindfulness in Schools with the Love Tuner

Practicing mindfulness with the Lovetuner helps children to boost focus and attention, improve self-awareness and self-control, and reduce stress and anxiety.


It’s an essential tool against bullying.


Studies have shown that mindfulness in schools can fight burnout in teachers and increase happiness in students. Lovetuning has also been linked to increased brain activities in the regions associated with positive emotions.

To order your Love Tuner go direct to the Online Shop tab and under Kansa Shop you will find it to purchase separately or as part of a Discounted Kit.

Single Breath Tune Record by Lovetuner Team Rider Fernando Stalla

Lovetuner Team Rider, Fernando Stalla is a professional stand up paddle board athlete, surfer and free diver. A waterman that found a lifestyle that fulfills his heart and uses the power of the 528hz frequency to align himself with the source.


With a single breath, Fernando can hold the tone for 1 minute 20 seconds.

Tuning with the Lovetuner increases lung volume, strengthens your immune system and improves overall health.

This is not meant to be a competition, but to inspire us all to tune in and practice this great breathing exercise.


Feel free to let us know your Single Breath Tune Record.

Full Moon Tune

Our emotions wax and wane just like the movements of the moon itself. Therefore it is always wise to keep in mind that most people will unknowingly become emotionally amplified during this time, so try not take things personally if someone becomes angry with you more quickly and likewise be forgiving and mindful of your own emotions during this time.


With our electromagnetics amplified and our pineal gland writhing and pumping more stimulating adrenal hormone into our body, we tend to feel more awake and charged. Stay tuned!

Lovetuner U2 Song Iris

Composed in 528hz

The U2 song, Iris (Hold Me Close), dedicated to Bono’s dearest mother, Iris, was recorded in 528 Hz frequency THE Love Frequency.


Performed in Los Angeles, in his Innocence and Experience Tour 2015, his love remains through the vibration carrying it through and spreading the love and light with the Love Frequency. 

Love Tuner Day - 28th May

Love Tuner Day 5:28

At 5:28 am/pm on May 28th, the 5th month and the 28th day of the month, is the official 528 Lovetuner Day.


At this time, we invite you to participate in a global love tuning.

For 528 seconds, tune in and harmonize with the world around you.

From that day on, daily tuning time is 5:28 am/pm for 528 seconds.


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