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  • The magnetic wristband is stretchable, without a clasp and can be easily slipped on. Thus the annoying hassle with a clasp is eliminated and it cannot get lost when worn. 
    The high-quality stainless steel is also ideal for people with sensitive skin.

    On the inside, two 1200 strong neodymium magnets and additional copper elements are discreetly integrated and lie directly on the skin when worn. 


    • Easy to slip on and always fits
    • Versatile combinability
    • With 1200 Gauss neodymium magnets and additional copper elements


    Size: Medium 

    packaged in a blue magnetix pouch.


    Magnetic Jewellery:Magnetic bracelet, Flexible bracelets
    Bracelet inner circumference (mm):M=160, L=175, XL=190
    Collection:Flexible magnetic jewellery
    Material:Stainless steel, Copper
    Surface:ion plating - silver & gold
    Color:Silver & Gold-coloured


    Flexi magnetic bracelet, chevron with copper elements

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