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K A N S A   F O O T   W A N D

Foot/Body kansa wand
Greyness to the foot after using the Kansa wand Foot/Body




Kansa Foot Wand - contact for Trade Prices

This is the largest of the four products and considerably larger than the Face Wand, it fits the sole of the foot perfectly making it a more comfortable therapy treatment. You can find dimensions of the wands above under the About tab.

The Kansa foot product is the first and original to be used, by using it on the feet it helped to relax and improve the health of the user.

Traditionally Ayurvedic Physicians would give a Kansa foot massage tool to the family of the patient, so that they would take the tool home and treat the patients feet every night with the therapeutic bronze metal.

Use of the Kansa Foot tool is very simple, small circular movements and longer strokes using an organic massage oil. 

I would suggest that this product is used comfortably on the Foot and leg are, it is much too big for the back and facial areas.

Please note - use only gentle massage movements around the solar plexus area of the foot (centre of the sole of the foot and also top of the foot where it is bonier).

There are many benefits for using a Kansa Foot Wand, be it Professional or consumer.

  • The wand can be used as an add-on to many treatments Pedicures, Reflexology, Massage, Facials

  • Relaxes tired feet

  • Very comforting to the client

  • Promotes sound sleep

  • Restores levels of energy (prana)

  • Helps to balance the Ayurvedic Doshas Vata, Pitta & Kapha

  • Relieves eye strain by working on the foot area (reflexology points)

  • Enhances lower limb mobility

  • Toxins are drawn from the tissues (as seen in above image)

Testimonial from a 72 year old client

"I have been using the Foot wand every afternoon, I was suffering with pain in my feet whilst resting. Not only has the wand been relaxing but has eased the feelings I was having in my feet. It is now a daily ritual I will continue"

P. Boden, Nottingham

To order any of the products please visit the Shop tab above, if however, you are having any difficulties please email with your full name, delivery address and order details. A quotation invoice will be sent to you with payment details.

The Foot/Body wand is sold as a set of 3 or 4. If you would like to purchase this item in bulk quantities please contact me

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